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You cannot beat the Rathbone/Bruce combination when it comes to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. I have the boxset of their films and regularly play them in the winter on rainy afternoons. I get a strange comfort from them. 

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Two of the best. I watch this era of Holmes films all the time. I just love the innocence in it. The traditional old school English values that really aren’t around anymore. Plus, there is no need for any swearing for communication of dialogue. I think that’s such a massive factor in today’s world. People replace real descriptive words with swear words which I think is at times lazy. Still, sometimes the cap fits so you gotta drop an F bomb!

The death of a genius.

Such an amazing final scene which redeemed the whole series. I’m a massive Sherlock Holmes fan in general.

I own every single Rathbone ‘Sherlock Holmes’ film. I watch them regularly. The old sometimes is more interesting than the new. 

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