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This video was one of the videos which made me consider the career of directing music videos. It still remains one of the best videos out there as far as I’m concerned.

Further more Brodsky is repping a pretty sweet hoody…..

As far as music videos go, this is the place I come from in terms of inspirations (no pun intended in terms of the song name). Always amazing.

Furthermore, I love this band. 

Does anyone wanna start a Cave In covers band with me? It’s actually something i want to do and it will get me back into the guitar again haha. So badly wanna play this song!

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A trending topic originally started on twitter by @vneilv, endorsed by myself (@ryanCRASHBURN). Carry the flame forward people.

brain candle
by Cave In
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I absolutely love this song. Such a great way to start the day. I suggest everyone tries it tomorrow.

brain candle
by Cave In
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Monday started like this, and what a great way to begin.

Cave In - Brain Candle