New Blog Layout

I’ve taken the plunge and switched to a new blog layout. I’d love to hear all your feedback on this.

Do you prefer this?

Is it easier to read posts? (Etc)

Please hit me up in a reply to this or via an ‘ask’. I’ve got a lot more things to sort out, but the basics are there. Thanks a lot! I value user feedback!

Found the @loweprobags top loading camera bag a refreshing change today, opposed to the backpack I normally lug around. Loads of space and easy access. Awesome. Also continued shooting with the @rodemic #rodegrip+. A fun device for shooting on an iPhone. Ideally suited for BTS content or impromptu stuff on the fly.

Cornwall always gets the last laugh in the end when spring arrives. Insane weather while out shooting today.

Just chillin’ by the waters edge testing out new jibs & gear with @resolvefilm. Paradise city with no city in sight 😎👌

Someone tried hacking my blog

Sorry for the rather bare appearance of late. Tumblr has some strange activity go down and basically my blog has been reverted to it’s most simple state (a security reaction of the site).

While this is annoying, but necessary, I have yet had time to revert my old theme. I might actually grab something new, but apologies for the rather mundane appearance. This will be rectified soon.


My early 20’s, summed up in a video. I just skateboarded, surfed, made stupid videos and then realised I should probably start thinking seriously about doing it a profession. Especially when I watched stuff like this and it gave me a buzz. This has to be the gratest skateboarding video of all time still to this day. Unquestionably. 

Section 2 of this section is here, and is equally epic: